The Zabadu was both a cryptid and a role taken up by Lyman in The Garfield Show four-part episode, Long Lost Lyman.

Physical Appearance

Lyman as the Zabadu

Sam as the Zabadu


The mask has a ginger color with pink lips, a purple nose, an eye popping out, and large teeth. While in costume, Lyman specifically wears Jon Arbuckle's lucky hat. The suit is covered in ginger and cream fur.


The creature has ruffled orange fur, with a yellow stomach patch. With dark brown fur on its head, the Zabadu has a pink nose, two pink rings around its eyes, and two large canine teeth.


The creature is said to be aggressive toward hunters, as it is known to protect the wildlife.



The Garfield Show

Season 3

Season 4


  • The Zabadu is most likely based on a large number of ape-like cryptids, such as Bigfoot, the Yeti or the Yowie.
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