Yojumbo is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


Jon takes up karate to learn how to defend himself and impress Liz. Meanwhile, Garfield creates a samurai persona called Yojumbo.


Jon and Liz are dining at a Japanese restaurant and eating sushi. Garfield happens to show up in a suit of armor once worn by the Yojimbo of Japan's ancient military and eats up all of Jon's sushi. When they leave the restaurant, Garfield decides that he wants to be a samurai and calls himself Yojumbo. As they walk, a thug notices Liz and flirts with her and threatens Jon to leave. Liz pushes the thug aside and they drive home.

Jon feels insecure about how easily pushed around he was by the thug and decides that he needs to learn how to defend himself. He goes to a karate school with Garfield acting as his samurai bodyguard. At the school, Sakamoto-san tries to teach Jon about the arts of karate, but he is easily cast aside by the other students and twists himself up in the "stuffed vulture" position.

The next date Jon has with Liz, they run into the same thug from before and Jon prepares to do the stuffed vulture position. Liz runs off to call the police and Garfield tries to look intimidating at the thug. The two of them bolt as the thug gives chase. They run down a nearby alley and Garfield goes into a garage and pulls a grease gun from a toolbox. He slathers some grease down the path causing the thug to slip. He and Jon crash into some trash cans as the police arrive to arrest the thug.

Liz thinks Jon really defeated the thug and is proud of him; Jon decides to roll with it. Garfield doesn't mind that Jon gets all the glory just as long as he gets a good meal in return.


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  • According to Garfield in this episode, Jon weighs about 155 pounds.

Cultural References

  • The episode's name is a spoof of the samurai film, Yojimbo.

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