World Without Me is an episode from the fourth season of The Garfield Show.


Garfield, suddenly feeling depressed, believes he has not made a difference in the world. Paddy the leprechaun teaches Garfield about his importance.


It is a rainy day. Jon tells Liz that he is worried about how Garfield has been acting lately. Jon tells Garfield that he will be making sausage lasagna, which Garfield is not enthusiastic about hearing. Garfield laments on how unexciting his life is and that he has not made a difference in the world other than eat, sleep, and throw the stick for Odie to fetch. He then decides to go for a walk as the rain lets up. Garfield notices a rainbow and decides to follow it. On the other side is Paddy the leprechaun.


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  • The alternate universe Arlene admits that she wishes to have an "orange tabby boyfriend, whom she could bake lasagna."
  • Jim Davis makes a cameo appearance as the president. 
  • Paddy mentions the comic strip at one point.  

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