Wonderful World is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


Jon, Garfield and Odie visit a famous amusement park, only to find it run-down.


Jon arrives home with his car sputtering; he fears that he, Garfield and Odie will not be able to go on their big vacation as the repair shop is unable to fix it. Just then, a commercial for Wonderful World, a magical and fun theme park run by a man named Wilson Wonder, distracts Jon from his conversation. Jon decides to go there for their vacation.

When they arrive, they find Al Swindler in charge of the park. He gives Jon three tickets for 99 dollars. When they enter the park it is not as "wonderful" as they thought. It is, in fact, run down and abandoned, with Swindler being the only staff member at the park. Jon is still determined to have a good time. He gives Garfield ten dollars to do whatever he wants with. Garfield tries to take a taxi home, which Jon stops him from doing at the last second.

Swindler is seen running a ball toss which offers a new car as a prize to whoever knocks over the milk bottles. Jon, who could do with a new car, tries to knock down the bottles. His first attempt is unsuccessful, but he remains determined to win the new car. Jon eventually wastes all his money trying to knock the bottles over (which are even unfazed by Garfield hitting them with a mallet).

Garfield and Odie explore the abandoned Fun House; they discover that one of the mirrors is a secret entrance, which leads them to Wilson Wonder. Wilson, who has been living there for years, still believes that his staff is running the park. Garfield takes him outside to prove to him otherwise.

Swindler is busy counting his money when a furious Wilson confronts him, which leads to a chase. Swindler tries to escape Wilson on the roller coaster, with Garfield and Odie tagging along, making Garfield sick during the ride. They later find out that the ride was closed because part of the track was unfinished. The cars crash into the ball toss stall and knock the bottles over, meaning Jon, Odie and Garfield win the new car.

As they leave, Wilson is determined to fix up Wonderful World and make it a place of miracles again. Garfield (still sick from the roller coaster ride) does not even want to hear about food, leading Jon to tell Wilson his miracles have already started. The trio head out in the new car.


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  • This is the only Al Swindler episode that does not end with Swindler's remark "It's getting tougher and tougher to make an honest dollar/buck these days".

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