Roy rings a bell when a wolf is coming. Orson corrects him not to call a wolf. This episode ends with Bo, Booker, and Sheldon riding a tractor to capture the wolf and Wade hiding in a mailbox.


(Bo, Booker, and Sheldon are on a tractor where Orson and Lanolin are tying a rope at the end of it.)

Booker: Hurry, Orson! We gotta capture the wolf!

Lanolin: (finishes tying the rope with Orson) There! That should do it!

Bo: You can't leave a mark, Mr. Wolf!

(Bo pushes on the starter with Booker and Sheldon, then the three friends ride on the tractor and pull the wolf away.)

Wolf: (gets pulled away) Hey! Aaack! You can't do this to me! HEEEELP!!!

Bo: (reguarding Wade hiding in a mailbox) All clear, Ducko!

Wade: (still hiding in the mailbox) Boy, I sure hope the wolf will be captured soon. (chuckles, then closes the lid of the mailbox)

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