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With Four You Get Pizza is the seventiethUS/EU episode from the second season of The Garfield Show.


After having been banned from Vito's pizzeria, Garfield shows up pretending to be Jon and Liz's child. This leads to other animals taking advantage of the same plan.


Jon and Liz goes to Vito's pizzaria without Garfield, as he is banned from the restaurant after using a bungee cord to stealing many Italian dishes from Vito. Declaring this as an "emergency", Garfield and Odie use suction cups to sneak up to Vito's pizzaria. There, he and Odie put on costumes and went into the pizzaria. When Jon is distracted by a converation with Mr. Barker, his employer, about the misconception of him marrying Liz Garfield secretly eats his lasagna.

Nermal and Myron show up at the restaurant, along with Eddie Gourmand and a TV crew. He reports on the pizzaria. Meanwhile, Nermal realizes that Garfield is dressed up, so he and Myron also put on costumes and enter the faculty. They also have some of Jon's lasagna.

Jon and Liz's families are shocked by the news. Back at the pizzaria, Mr. Barker is very impressed by Jon and Liz's "daughters" and gives him a raise. Later, Vito finds out that all four of them are actually cats and dogs. He runs into the table, sending the whole restaurant into chaos. Finally, he bans all of them from going to his restaurant again. Jon finally reveals that Liz and he are not married and that they have no kids after all. Mr. Barker, impressed by the event, tells Jon to make the concept into a comic and he will get a bonus, with Garfield complaining that they did not get dessert.

Back at Jon's house, he gets surprised as Jon and Liz's families with a whole bunch of others were celebrating their marriage. Seeing the wedding cake, Garfield realizes that he did get dessert after all.


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  • This is the only time in the series that Eddie Gourmand mispronounces Jon's surname. In other episodes, he pronounces it correctly.
  • On Netflix, Myron is mistakenly called Hercules in the captions.

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