Winter Wonderland is an episode from the sixth season of Garfield and Friends.


Orson, Roy, and Wade try to stay warm in the winter by imagining a day at the beach.


It's a freezing winter day on the farm. Roy and Wade are trying to warm up next to the furnace to no avail. Orson comes running by with a surfboard and swimming trunks, baffling his two bird friends. They decide to see what it is that he's doing in the cold. The weasel catches ear of this and wants to see just what it is they're up to. Orson pretends to surf and Roy questions his sanity for acting like a beach goer when it's freezing out. This causes Orson to start shivering as he was reminded of the real weather. He rushes to get back to being warm with the weasel following them with a tree disguise.

Orson reads a book about a day at the beach which causes the weather to suddenly change into a nice warm summer day. Roy realizes this is another one of the plots where Orson uses his imagination to bring what he reads to life. On the plus side, it does warm them up and the birds take off their coats. There is one flaw: whenever they mention the real weather, the fantasy shatters and they start to freeze again. They read more of the book and get back to their summer day and Orson reminds them to stay warm without thinking about the real weather. The weasel catches ear of this, too, and decides to use it. He steals their coats and hides them in his tree disguise.

While the trio relaxes, the weasel begins to steal the chickens. Roy goes to stop him, but the weasel uses the tactic of reminding Roy of the real weather and ending his fantasy and making him freeze. Roy can't find his coat and goes to read more of the book. Orson tries to stop the weasel, but the weasel brings out a radio giving the forecast. Orson tries to ignore it, but his fantasy ends and he joins Roy in reading the book. Wade tries to stop the weasel, but the weasel starts to sing Jingle Bells to him, ending his fantasy as well.

They all read the book together and bring summer back. But they know that the weasel can break their fantasy. In order to stop him, Orson reads a book about a tidal wave crashing onto the seashore. The wave comes and sweeps the weasel away. He starts to drown and the trio arrive in a tugboat to get him out. Orson tells him to take off his coat before throwing the life preserver and admits that the wave wasn't real and he made it up. This shatters the weasel's fantasy and makes him run off freezing.

Wade asks if the wave was real or not, and Orson says it wasn't. Wade then asks if it wasn't, how they're sailing. This causes the fantasy to end and everyone ends up standing in the snow freezing and shivering.


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