What's It All About, Wade? is an episode from the sixth season of Garfield and Friends.


When Orson and Roy are being chased by wild horses, Wade runs himself out of the cartoon.


Orson and Roy are showing some footage of Wade fretting over a caterpillar to a therapist who plans to help Wade out with his numerous fears in life.

For a week, Wade states all of his fears and the professor describes what they are (to ridiculous and unbelievable degrees). Meanwhile, Orson and Roy are counting the new shipment of wild horses when the roof on the barn breaks, causing the horses chase them up a flagpole. Wade, upon hearing and seeing this, runs away to the point where he eventually runs out of the cartoon and onto blank paper.

Wade likes being on the blank paper, then gets a word from Jim Davis himself. Jim tries to convince Wade how important it is for him to stay in the show and not on the blank paper. Wade, realizing the symbolism of a flower Jim draws, goes to help Roy and Wade. Jim draws him a rope to get them out of the mess and they make it out in time.

The professor arrives and seems to be suffering from Swoopophobia, the fear of a cartoon ending. Wade shows his friends the end of the cartoon, much to their own concern.


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