Well Fed Feline is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


Due to a misunderstanding, Jon must feed Garfield or be arrested.


Garfield spies a lasagna cake on the table. Rather than eat the whole thing, he cuts a slice out of the cake and eats the rest of it, leaving the slice. He eats the remaining slice anyway. Jon reveals that Nermal is visiting today. Just as Jon has his back turned, Garfield once again tries to mail Nermal to Abu Dhabi. As Jon enters the kitchen, he finds that Garfield ate the cake.

A pet protection assistant named Harriet Underburger is collection donations to nourish starving animals and overhears Jon shouting that he will not feed Garfield anymore. As she approaches Jon's house, she finds Nermal suffocating inside the package Garfield put him in and lashes at Jon for refusing to feed Garfield and putting Nermal in that package. Garfield pretends to be starving so that he can get more food out of this and Harriet warns Jon that if he does not feed Garfield by the time she gets back, he will be arrested for negligence.

Jon feeds Garfield every speck of food in the house, believing that with that taken care of, he will be fine. Nevertheless, Harriet returns and finds Nermal still starving. Jon realizes he forgot about him and is arrested. With no food left, Garfield and Nermal go to save Jon.

At the courthouse, the judge wishes to see the pet in question in Jon's case. Garfield approaches well-nourished, and the judge dismisses Jon's case.

In jail, Jon is about to eat his dinner and gets bailed out for the misunderstanding that had taken place. Garfield and Nermal try the food Jon was about to eat and are disgusted by it. While Nermal is not looking, Garfield locks Nermal in the cell.


Main characters

Minor characters

  • Harriet Underburger
  • Police
  • Judge
  • Warden

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