Weatherman Wade is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


Wade believes he can change the weather after stopping the rain. The farm soon hits a drought.


It has been raining non-stop on the farm and nobody could go outside to do the things they want or need to do. Wade was the most afraid of the rain. When he begs for it to stop, it does, and he believes that the rain listened to him. Everyone is elated to finally go outside and enjoy themselves and do what they needed to do.

As time goes on, the weather shows no signs of rain and Wade is the only one happy about it. The others are worried about what is happening. The crops are dying, the irrigation channel is drying up, and Lanolin cannot do the laundry. Roy briefly stops the cartoon to question Lanolin's chore when none of them even wear clothes in the first place.

Upon seeing all of this, Wade starts to feel guilty about (presumably) being the one responsible for the rain never coming back. Orson's attempts to get the rain back by seeding the clouds with silver iodide are hampered by his inability to get the containers high enough. Wade flies up to the clouds and get it to rain, even though he hates flying.

After three hours of indecisive worry, Wade goes up to the cloud and sprinkles the iodide on the cloud. He then falls and Orson saves him by putting the cannon where Wade was about to land. Wade thinks it will never rain again; as he laments, the rain begins. Although he starts to panic over it, he lets it slide since he brought it back. Roy goes to use his diving board, which Wade rigged to get himself up into the clouds, and catapults himself high into the sky while everyone awaits his return.


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  • During the scene in which Roy stops the cartoon, he accidentally says "None of us wears any!" instead of "None of us wear any!". Additionally, the echoing of the microphones used to record the dialouge during parts of this scene is audible.

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