Wade Duck (voiced by Howard Morris) is the tritagonist and the "cowardly craven duck" of U.S. Acres.

Physical Appearance

Wade is a white, domestic mallard. He shares his characteristic behavior with his blue and pink lifebuoy, which has a miniature head at the front. The recurring joke is the lifebuoy's head imitating his facial expression and what direction he's looking to match his own.

Unlike the other characters, Wade's eyebrows float above his head.


Wade’s good nature is sometimes shadowed by his overwhelming hypochondria and pantophobia, which ranges from chocolate doughnuts to finding out that it is Tuesday. His biggest fears include flying and rain. Wade is so scared of drowning that he constantly wears a kiddie pool inner tube. Wade can be easily driven into an incoherent raving of fear, especially by Roy, who likes to pull pranks on him.

Despite his massive fears (714 separate phobias, according to Edward R. Furrow) and complaining all the time, Wade cares very deeply about his friends, and whenever they need him, he will muster up the courage to go and save them. When confronting against Orson's brothers, he is quick to know about their plans and tries to warn the others about them. In "Gort Goes Good", Wade tries to warn Orson that Gort cannot be trusted, which is eventually proven true despite Orson's belief that Gort has changed.

Wade also has a tendency of pronouncing silent letters in many words (i.e. 'ansWer', 'parmesEan', 'LincoLn', anGel') or saying a Spanish word in his sentences. 


  • In the August 30, 1995 Garfield strip, Jon is seen wearing Wade's inner tube.
  • He appears in the game Scary Scavenger Hunt II: Donuts of Doom in the gallery hall giving some details of advice to Garfield.
  • In the cartoon version, in Once Upon a Time Warp, Wade's been trying to get his five dollars back from Roy for 14 years. It's not clear what relationship they had, before they moved to the farm (friends, frenemies, love/hate friendship, etc.), but it seems that Roy and Wade knew each other for 14 years or so. In "Holiday Happening", Roy says he's Wade's uncle, though he may have been just mocking. Wade in "Temp Trouble" called him 'pal'. And in Jack II - The Rest of the Story, he called Roy 'Br'er Rooster' (Brother).
  • In the cartoon version, although Wade has numerous fears, he is, ironically, usually not afraid to argue with Roy.


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