Wade: You're Afraid is the second segment from the fifth episode of Garfield and Friends.


Orson tries to get Wade to become brave.


Booker complains about there being nothing to do on the farm, while Sheldon plays pinball inside his shell. Booker then notices the bull, who looks agitated, and Wade, who is working on a garden, giving him an idea. He tells Wade that the bull is loose, causing Wade to run in terror throughout the farm, eventually hiding his head in Orson's waller.

Orson confronts Wade about his cowardice, which results in him singing a song about it. He then suggests hypnotizing Wade to make him braver. After some trouble, he gets Wade hypnotized into no longer fearing anything. After being tested by Bo and Roy, Wade shows that he is now fearless.

No problems occur with Wade's newfound bravery until he opens the bull pen and starts taunting the bull. As Orson looks through his psychology book to undo the hypnosis, Roy takes the book away from him and smacks it on Wade's head, bringing him back to normal. With the gate still open, the bull chases after everyone. Realizing that his cowardice has lead to the situation, Wade attempts to be brave on his own by distracting the bull with a red cape. The bull then chases Wade, with Orson eventually intervening by trying to hypnotize the bull. His scheme works at the last second, and the bull is made to believe he is a chicken.

Wade laments being a coward again, while the others commend him for his one brave act. Booker and Sheldon alert them about the chicken coop, where the bull has joined the hens. Orson amends Roy's statement about everything being back to normal.


Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Chickens


  • The hypnosis subplot is based loosely on a storyline from the strip that ran from October 13-25, 1986, while the bull subplot was based off the February 14, 1988 comic strip.
  • This is the first U.S. Acres cartoon produced for the series.

Cultural References

  • Sheldon's pinball game goes on TILT when Booker taps him.


  • When this episode aired on Toon Disney, the title card was omitted from the broadcast.
  • Bo's mouth turns white in one scene.


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