Voldo (voiced by Frank Welker) is the minion of Bella Bellissima. He does whatever his mistress tells him to do, even though he hates her singing. He stole the Golden Cat statue from the International Museum.


Voldo is a middle-aged man. He wears a dark blue coat and a dark blue hat. He has a brown pants and brown gloves. He also has black shoes.


Voldo is loyal to Bella and hates her cats. He is scared of Bella sometimes like when she threatened to have Siam and Tyham scratch him.


The Garfield Show

Season 3


  • Voldo reveals that the people wouldn't let Bella sing in The Metropolitan Opera House.
  • He knows all about Fucanglong from Little Trouble in Big China Part 2.
  • In the entirety of Little Trouble in Big China, the closed captions misname him as "Waldo".


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