Vivacia is a witch and horror movie hostess.

Physical Appearance

On television, she wears a purple-blue crown with a magenta diamond in the middle, a high collared black and purple cloak which includes a magenta skull, a purple-blue dress with shortened sleeves, a magenta belt above the waist, and pointed hot pink high heels. At her residence, her outfit includes a hot pink holder on the belt, which contains her wand.

After leaving the television station, she wears her hair in a dark periwinkle scrunchie and has a periwinkle shirt, a hot pink tie, a dark purple suit and pointed hot pink high heels.


While her claim to love horror movies is debatable, her love for baseball is real. She is deceiving, cunning, and beautiful, yet also powerful and sinister.


With the help of her magic wand, she was able to lure eight men into her castle to create a miniature baseball team.

The spell "Magic wand of ancient eyes, bring this mortal down to size!" shrunk the men to the size of rats. Jon was one such man subjected to the spell; it worked after the second attempt. After Jon realized what was going on, he tried in vain to run away.

It is unknown what happened to her after Garfield freed Jon and the other men. A television newscast reported her to be missing.


Garfield and Friends

Season 7

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