Vito Cappelletti (or simply as "Vito") is a italian chef who owns his own restuarant, Vito's Pizzera.


Vito wears a green shirt, a white apron, and a red scarf. He also wears a chef's hat, dark green plaid pants, brown shoes, and wears a watch on his left wrist. He has a balding with brown hair around his sides, and a moustache. He speaks with a strong italian accent and voiced by Jason Marsden.



The Garfield Show

Season 1

Season 2

  • Ticket to Riches
  • The Spy Who Fed Me
  • The Haunted House
  • Odie For Sale (Cameo)
  • Planet of Poultry
  • Dogs Day
  • With Four You Get Pizza
  • Inside Eddie Gourmand
  • The Great Pizza Race
  • Guest From Beyond (Mentioned)
  • Master Chef
  • Me, Garfield, and I
  • Wicked Wishes
  • Love and Lasagna

Season 3

  • "Furry Tales"
  • "The Golden Lasanga Awards"
  • "Partners in Mime" (cameo)
  • "The Garfield-Only Show"
  • "Filthy Fugitives"
  • The Mysterious Machine

Season 4

  • "The Mean Machine"
  • "The Lasagna Tree"
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