Vito Cappelletti (voiced by Jason Marsden) is an Italian chef who owns his own restaurant, Vito's Pizzeria.

Physical Appearance

Vito wears a green shirt, a white apron, and a red scarf. He also wears a chef's hat, dark green plaid pants, brown shoes, and wears a watch on his left wrist. He is balding with brown hair around his sides and has a moustache. He speaks with a strong Italian accent.

In the monthly comic book series, Vito appears older and has a white mustache.


The Garfield Show

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  • As a trainee, he tried to cook spaghetti on a barbecue.
  • His pizzeria's phone number is 555-7891.
  • His name is the diminutive form of Vittorio, or "Victor" in Italian.
  • His surname, Cappelletti, is a type of stuffed pasta.


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