Video Victim is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield and Jon make a bet that if Garfield can stop watching TV for twenty four hours, Jon will stop using the vacuum.


In the living room, Garfield is watching golf on television, which he considers the most boring channel ever when the screen goes on the fritz. He finds that it is caused by Jon's vacuum cleaner who at the same time is using it to clean the living room. Garfield retaliates by pulling the plug. Realizing Garfield does not want him to vacuum, Jon says that if he should give up the vacuum cleaner, Garfield should give up TV. Garfield says that giving up TV is like giving up breathing. Jon says that if Garfield does not watch TV for a day he will give up using the vacuum cleaner.

Garfield immediately turns off the TV and tries not to think about it. He is often tempted by the new TV shows that are coming up. Jon watching this says this may be the easiest bet for him since he knows Garfield will not last a day without TV. Finally, in attempt to make the day go faster, Garfield decides to go to sleep.

During the night Garfield tries hard not to think about TV when he hears a male voice from the living room. Initially believing the task is easy, he sees the TV talking to him up straight temping him to watch him. For a while he thinks it is only a bad dream (after waking up Odie about the TV only to find there is nothing there). He eventually finds it to be real and runs across the house to get away from it. The TV soon corners him and tempts him with an interesting show. He almost turns it on when the cat decides to take matters into his own hands and pulls out the plug.

The next morning Jon tries to turn on the TV for the news and he finds it not working (unaware that it is unplugged). Turning to Garfield, he acknowledges that he won the bet and, as promised, throws the vacuum cleaner in the closet and announces he will hire a repairman. Garfield, still traumatized from the event last night, is in no hurray for the TV to be repaired.

As Jon sits in the couch reading a book, he hears a female voice and in horror sees the vacuum cleaner rolling up to him tempting him to use her again. He then screams and runs in terror while the vacuum remains motionless in the middle of the living room.


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  • The horror movie is titled "The Creature That Devoured Muncie", a reference to the town of Muncie, Indiana.
  • The TV mentions "Name That Fish".


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