Video Airlines is a song Garfield sings, telling Odie what a video cassette is like in Video Airlines. Music and lyrics were provided by Desiree Goyette and Ed Bogas.



  • This may appear to be a videotape,
  • But it's a first class ticket to a great escape,
  • Take a journey to where the tropical sun shines,
  • Just take a trip on Video Airlines!
  • Now turn the knob on your TV set,
  • It'll send you faster then a turbo jet,
  • From your living room to where a friendly martian dines,
  • Just take a trip on Video Airlines!
  • You can sail the Nile, climb Mount Everest,
  • Mingle with society, where they never rest,
  • The Arctic Circle, Trafalgar Square,
  • A video can take you nearly everywhere!
  • From the densest jungle, to the emptiest space,
  • Wild adventures, any place!
  • You can be a soldier or a star,
  • Your imagination tells you who you are!
  • So grab a bunch of the movies here,
  • Places oh so far become oh so near,
  • Spend some time in the desert or the sheltering pines,
  • Jungle vines,
  • King Solomon's mines,
  • While your bod reclines,
  • Your tummy dines,
  • Just take a trip on Video Airlines!
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