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Varicella was an evil witch as well as being Mrs. Cauldron's sister and Abigail Cauldron and Winona's aunt. She was later reformed.


Varicella is an evil witch that was sealed in the book of spells for 1,000 years. She was eventually set free by Abigail and decided to take a vengeance on the witch world by using the forbidden moon spell to turn all the humans into frogs. Her plot was stopped by Garfield, Odie, Abigail, and Winona. She reformed after her defeat.




Bewitched: Familiar, Familiar

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Bewitched: Witches Just Wanna Have Fun

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Bewitched: The Heartless Witch

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Bewitched: The Hall of Witchdom

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Bewitched: Bewitched & Bewildered

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The Garfield Show

Season 4

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