Originally I was not planning to write this blog entry, but since other people see the issue, this might be good material for a discussion.

While browsing the Internet today, I found this monument of copyrights despisal . As much as I disapprove claiming official PAWS Inc. material as own property, 'the author of this picture' indeed has a point, that Garfield comics strips have started to repeat themselves. I have witnessed this issue after reading the recent Arlene's appearance:


Now, compare the comics strip above with this one from 5th May 1989:


At first glance it should be visible, that those two comics strips look almost identical to each other. Agreed, the characters in 2018 one have been completed in more vivid colors and face expressions had been redesigned , but still, the message is the same - Garfield is focused rather on food than on females. Those, who watched Garfield and Friends with understanding, should be familiar with this attitude.

To sum up, I hope such 'reheated pork' in comics strips is not a sign, that PAWS Inc. cartoonists have depleted the ideas, thus they redraw older issues. What do you think ?