Recently, we had a talk with couple of Wiki members, where we came to conclusion, that certain articles are filled with too many images.

I cannot deny that, though my articles about Penelope episodes were intentionally expanded like that to make them as well-documented as possible; especially since I was confused about the usage of "Article Stub" templates on my articles I considered as completed ones. Besides, I am convinced that some scenes ( for example, the ones with Penelope hopping like rabbit in "The Garfield Musical" and "The Guy of Her Dreams" ) require at least 4 images to depict her movement.

Today I have made up an idea, which may be solution against both the issue of over-expanded galleries and need of precise documentation. Please have a look at the image below:


This is the way Penny is dancing in "The Guy of Her Dreams" in her Wild West fantasy. Technically, those are 7 screencaps from the episode merged into one and trimmed in Photoshop. As you see, one wide image is replacing seven smaller caps.

Feel free to write, what do you think about my idea. I would especially like to see opinion of administrators, since I am convinced my idea will appease both parties:

- there will be less images in galleries;

- I will be able to provide episode documentation I am striving for.