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    April 25, 2019 by Low Spark of Lyman

    I am planning to have an FAQ for this website, one that pertains to the Garfield Franchise. I'll start it as a blog so others can make suggestions in the comments. Also, expect it to be updated from time to time.

    Q: What is Nermal's gender?

    A: Nermal is male. He has always been so according to Jim Davis.

    Many have assumed that Nermal is female due to his appearance and obsession with being cute, as well as the sound of his voice in Garfield and Friends (which was provided by a woman, Desiree Goyette). Nevertheless, Nermal is always referred to with masculine nouns and pronouns, and has been voiced by men in later features (David Eigenberg in the 2004 movie, Jason Marsden in the DTV movies and The Garfield Show).

    Q: What is the name of Garfield's …

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    Happy 40th

    June 19, 2018 by Low Spark of Lyman

    What the title says.

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    Facebook Page

    March 14, 2018 by Low Spark of Lyman

    The Garfield Wiki now has its own page on Facebook:

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    Manual of Style

    September 7, 2017 by Low Spark of Lyman

    Since this wiki could use a Manual of Style, I have made this blog to list things to be considered for it. If you have any suggestions to make, write it in a comment for me to see.

    • American English is preferred (except where alternatives would be appropriate, e.g. British English for an actor/voice actor from the U.K.)
    • Episode layout:
      • Synopsis
      • Plot
      • Characters
      • Songs (if applicable)
      • Trivia
      • Goofs
      • Episode Box
    • Be sure not to write in the second person point of view. In other words, avoid using the pronoun “you” in articles (unless it is part of a quote, title or name). For example, instead of "During the final scene, you can see a portrait of Jim Davis", try "During the final scene, a portrait of Jim Davis can be seen".
    • Avoid using contractions (e.g. "he'…

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    ...and (potentially) good news for artistic fans:

    Update: The deadline appears to have been extended; it will now end on August 31, instead of August 21.

    Update: Also check out the release form.

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