Okay, I just recently enabled some new edit tracks for badges. The thing is, there is something I've realized:

The new edit tracks only work for pages that have the name of the track in question in the categories. For example, to get badges specifically for The Garfield Show, the pages being edited must have "The Garfield Show" listed as a category. To test this, I've already created two new pages since enabling the edit tracks- one for an episode of Garfield and Friends (Fraidy Cat) and one for an episode of The Garfield Show (The Write Stuff).

The latter didn't have "The Garfield Show" as a category, thus no badge.

The former did have the "Garfield and Friends" category, thus meriting a badge.

It seems we'll need to have certain pages edited to include the appropriate categories in order to make them eligible for the new edit track counts. I say this here in order to avoid unfair advantages with the current situation (I only got one such badge right now, and that was merely done as a test). If you feel it would be better to disable the new edit tracks (for now) to lessen the odds of said unfair advantages, let me know.