Since this wiki could use a Manual of Style, I have made this blog to list things to be considered for it. If you have any suggestions to make, write it in a comment for me to see.

Manual of Style ideas

  • American English is preferred (except where alternatives would be appropriate, e.g. British English for an actor/voice actor from the U.K.)
  • Episode layout:
    • Synopsis
    • Plot
    • Characters
    • Songs (if applicable)
    • Trivia
    • Goofs
    • Episode Box
  • Be sure not to write in the second person point of view. In other words, avoid using the pronoun “you” in articles (unless it is part of a quote, title or name). For example, instead of "During the final scene, you can see a portrait of Jim Davis", try "During the final scene, a portrait of Jim Davis can be seen".
  • Avoid using contractions (e.g. "he's", "can't"), except, again, for quotes, titles and names.
  • Try not to use "The episode begins with..." to start an episode plot summary. A possible exception would be for episodes that largely break the fourth wall (e.g. "Star Struck", "The Garfield Opera", "Canned Laughter", "The Garfield-Only Show").
  • Character pages should start with aspects such as species and occupation, not the obvious.  Thus, "X is a character from Y" would not be acceptable.
  • Try not to pad out sentences. Being concise is usually okay.
    • Likewise, some words, such as "decide", should be used conservatively. "Garfield eats lasagna" is preferred over "Garfield decides to eat lasagna".
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