Another issue I'd like to discuss is what I, for one, find to be too many categories on articles. For those who tend to put in a whole lotta categories per article, I have the following advice (in regards what I commonly find):

  • Avoid redundancies/be descriptive. For example, if "Garfield and Friends episodes, Season 4" can be used, there's no need for "Episodes", "Garfield and Friends", etc. I also don't see any need for a general "Characters" category when there's already more descriptive ones for male/female, minor, species, or U.S. Acres. There also doesn't seem to be a need for combined categories (e.g. Male Cats when there's already Cats and Male Characters).
  • Categories are meant to connect articles with shared themes. If a category only applies to one article (making it unique), then there's really no need for that category, is there? What's the point in having a category for one article if there are no other articles that it would apply to?
  • In regards to actors/voice actors (and I suppose anyone else involved in "the making of" anything), I'd think their occupations should suffice ("Actors" for those onscreen and "Voice Actor" for those in voiceover). Categories for actors or voice actors based on gender, race, or nationality seem unnecessary. Likewise, "Deceased" is reserved for characters, not real life people.

If you have any questions about all this, feel free to bring them up.

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