OK, there's quite a bit being announced for Garfield animated.  Let me break it down for ya:

  • 9 Story Media Group has recently gotten the global rights to the entirety of Garfield and Friends.  It looks like this deal will also include "twelve specials and two direct to video titles" (shouldn't that be three DTV titles? Or are we not talking about the "Comic World" trilogy?). There are plans to remaster this to HD format.
“This is the first time we’ve awarded the rights to a single distribution partner who will handle all markets and all platforms. We’re very excited to see how the library performs, particularly given the opportunities in digital,” said Jim Davis. “We are sure the classic TV library is in good hands with 9 Story. “

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  • Alcon Entertainment will be making a series of "animated theatrical motion pictures based on...'Garfield'", intended to be a franchise. Jim Davis will be an executive producer, along with Bridget McMeel.  Additional known credits can be found in the link below.


For Garfield and Friends, I'd say "about time".  Guess they just needed a new company for it.  For this new movie series, I hope it'll work out better than the previous ones.  Something more classically Garfield.

Whaddya think?