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    Due to multiple circumstances- overall burnout- I plan to be largely inactive on this wiki, as well as on Discord. Don't know when I'll be back regularly, but I still plan to check on here for important things. I'd just like to reshape things for myself during this time.

    Don't worry about me, I plan to make my comeback reinvigorated. Just be sure to do your best on here with whatever it is you're doing (unless it's vandalism).

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  • Low Spark of Lyman

    Name This VA

    October 8, 2019 by Low Spark of Lyman

    Does anyone know, or at least have any idea, who did the voice of Garfield in this commercial ca. 2002/2003?

    It's got to be one of the first post-Lorenzo Music projects, so surely it's not Music.  I used to think it was Jon Barnard, given how he handled commercials for much of the 2000s, but after rediscovering this ad, it doesn't sound like him to me.  It also doesn't sound like Frank Welker (who only became a regular as Garfield in 2007, anyway).

    So, who is voicing the fat cat here?

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    October 1, 2019 by Low Spark of Lyman

    You may have noticed that some of the cast and crew members of the TV specials were also credited in various episodes from the seventh season of Garfield and Friends. This can be found in the credits sequences for the episodes, as well as on IMDb (and perhaps other websites). Why is that, you may be wondering?

    During the seventh season, episode premieres were followed by either reruns of episodes from earlier seasons or by the aforementioned specials. Thus, episode credits include the people who worked on those specials, even if they never actually worked on Garfield and Friends per se (especially in cases where the person had died before the seventh season started production).

    So, yes, certain people have Garfield and Friends as a credential, a…

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  • Low Spark of Lyman


    August 23, 2019 by Low Spark of Lyman

    I may be less active on here and on chat in order to deal with some personal issues. That is all (for now).

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  • Low Spark of Lyman

    While there is no rule against making comic strip pages for future months, I think there should be some limit as to how far it goes at a given time. So I'd like to know what that limit should be.

    • One month from now?
    • One year from now?
    • Up to next January?


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