In the episode on Garfield and Friends, "Crime and Nourishment", where Garfield enters a world with green Smurf-parodied creatures who often eats money and dispose and pay things with food. It's kinda a wired episode I ever watched due to that concept. Eating money as food and depose and pay with food as money? Ha! Imagine you'd pay to get food from McDonald's with a hamburger, Big Mac hamburger that is and even slide few pieces of pepperoni through the coin slot on the venting machine to get soda. And also, Imagine you'd try to order a pizza with slice of $1.00 bills and as well as coins as toppings. Well, I would not in real life because I'd never eat money and pay with food to buy something. It's not that I hate that episode, it's just just that I was expressing my opinion about the concept and a plot for that episode.