About me

Im a big fan of Garfield. I have been reading the comic strip since i was in grade school. I'm also one of the Admin's here so if you have any questions leave a message on my Talk page and I'll get back as soon as possible. I stop by everyonce in a while. I am mostly active during US holidays. 


Im currently on the following wikis:

  • Garfield Wiki Wiki about a a lazy, fat, selfish, orange, anthropomorphic tabby cat who enjoys eating (especially lasagna), sleeping, and tormenting his owner Jon and Odie the dog.
  • Boondocks Wiki Wiki about a pessimistic and nihilistic, yet precociously intelligent 10-year-old who recognizes and detests the absurdities of the society in which he lives.
  • Darkwing Duck Wiki:Wiki about a crime fighting duck.
  • Tenchi Muyo Wiki: Great wiki about an anime show revolving around a boy whose life is turned upside down after he finds a mummy in a cave.

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