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  • I live in Indonesia
  • I was born on June 6
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
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Hello! My name is Mrkrules. I'm The Garfield Show fan. And my favorite part of the show is the witches especially Winona and Abigail. Also my favorite episode is Bewitched when the episode focus on both of them.

Why I love The Garfield Show

I know not a lot of people like this show like the previous Garfield and Friends. But still I find this show to be more exciting and plenty of supernatural moments that I like, especially witches.

Favourite Character (Top 5):

  1. Winona (It's obvious! She's the most awesome and one of the most beautiful girl that I ever had. Also she's the most beautiful witches that ever existed! Also she looks simiilar to Lori Loud)
  2. Abigail (She's such a pure action girl that fearlessly fight against evil!)
  3. Gloria (Doc Boy love interest who looks similar to Leni Loud)
  4. Angie (One of the most beautiful girl in this show along with Winona and Angie)
  5. Dingbang (He's the handsome, smart, and friendly guy who hates injustice and people who seeking a treasure just for money and didn't care for anything else.)

Favourite Episodes (Top 5):

  1. Bewitched (Part 1-5)
  2. Bride and Broom (The Garfield Show)
  3. Every Witch Way
  4. The Golden Lasagna Awards
  5. Pawparazzi

Favourite Couple

Most dislike character

  1. Nasthan (He's evil! Eeeeevviiillllll!!!!!)
  2. Aunt Ivy (She's better never to be exist in the show and in the Arbuckle family!)


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