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Hello, this is Low Spark of Lyman here. I had a brief stint on here as Midnight Lyman, but since I haven’t been able to access it again (surely due to a now-defunct e-mail address), I decided to start anew here.

I also have a playlist on YouTube, basically things not on home video (or at least not since DVDs started, I think):

Three other videos (all commercials from 2002 or so), not yet available on on YouTube AFAIK (all are from Vimeo):

About Me

I happen to be on the autism spectrum, though not to a severe extent. I am sometimes concerned with what I write, making sure I don't write anything wrong (in a moral sense), especially not for the sake of metaphorically kicking up a hornets' nest. It's also why I'm not much of a talker in the outside world; I even have general communication problems on occasion. I also don't have a large pool of friends. Though, given how I tend to be a loner, that doesn't seem to be too big of a deal. I also don't think I even heard about autism until I was in high school, though I think I had realized before that I was rather different from others.

VHS/DVD collection

This will be updated as needed.


VHS (official):

VHS (network recordings):

  • Various episodes of Garfield and Friends (UPN, June 2002 - August 2003; one from Toon Disney, c. 2005)
  • All episodes from the first three seasons of The Garfield Show (Cartoon Network)
  • Second movie (FX)
  • Fun Fest/Pet Force (Cartoon Network)
  • Happy Birthday, Garfield (looks like a network recording; I found it at a flea market)
  • Must Love Cats (documentary from Animal Planet [1])
  • Parts of the June 19 episode of Through the Decades (documentary series from Decades)
  • Also: various commercials, promos, etc. here and there

Top Ten Eleven Characters (core)

If you were to ask me for my ten favorite characters, this is what I'd say (note: I'm only factoring in the core characters here, not exclusives from Garfield and Friends, the movies et al.):

  • 1. Garfield
  • 2. Odie
  • 3. Jon
  • 4. Lyman
  • 5. Irma
  • 6. Doc Boy
  • 7. Mr. and Mrs. Arbuckle (tie)
  • 8. Liz
  • 9. Arlene
  • 10. Nermal

Note about The Garfield Show

I have the entire first three seasons on VHS.

Now that YouTube has the series available on an official, verified channel, it looks like I can finally cover Seasons 4-5, and more easily revisit earlier seasons. I'll just need to find a good time to engage.

If you have seen anything from later seasons, and wish to discuss it with me, you may- provided that you don't spoil the episodes for me (with the possible exception of something deemed truly noteworthy, but let me know in advance).

Other Interests

I suppose I should share what else I enjoy. Just don't expect a complete picture. Or for yourself to agree with everything. Or to not be surprised with any entries.

Comics (infrequent)

Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side, few others I may check out


Various hits, odds and ends

Video Games (by console)

SNES, Sega Genesis (aka Sega Mega Drive), PS1, N64, Xbox


Aerosmith, Allman Bros, Beach Boys, Beatles, Jeff Beck, Black Keys, David Bowie, JJ Cale, Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton (including group work), Clash, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Doors, Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, Herbie Hancock, John Lee Hooker, Howlin’ Wolf, Jimi Hendrix, Bob James, Waylon Jennings, Led Zeppelin, Gordon Lightfoot, Little Richard, Henry Mancini, Dave Mason, Monkees, Randy Newman, Charlie Parker, Tom Petty/Heartbreakers, Iggy Pop/Stooges, Elvis Presley, Pink Floyd, Lou Rawls, Rolling Stones, Roxy Music, Soft Machine, Supertramp, Tortoise, Stevie Ray Vaughan/Double Trouble, Velvet Underground, Ventures, Who, Steve Winwood (including group work), Muddy Waters, this list getting big or what?

Some honorable mentions (in that I may not have a good deal of their work, but still find promising): Black Sabbath, BST (Blood, Sweat and Tears), Buddy Guy, Chuck Berry, Robert Cray, James Galway, Buddy Guy, Donny Hathaway, Phillip Glass, MC5, Gordon Lightfoot, Little Richard, Love, Lonnie Mack, Moby, Van Morrison, Willie Nelson, New York Dolls, Ramones, Otis Redding, Sly and the Family Stone, Steely Dan/Donald Fagen, Derek Trucks, ZZ Top...surely more on the way.

Also several blues, alternative, rock and roll, R&B/soul, jazz, fusion, country and folk acts.


  • I'm cautious about discussing stuff like religion, politics, etc., knowing how volatile such topics can get. So don't be surprised if I decline to talk about such information here (or anywhere, even).