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Is it Tuesday? Is this wiki Garfield Wiki? If so, does it have 2,816 pages? Things to ponder, oh yes.

Anyway, hello there, Garfield fan! I have been reading Garfield for 3 years and have completed nearly all the books! My favorite book is Garfield Gets in a Pickle: His 56th book. I also occasionally watch The Garfield Show. My favorite season is #5 (RODENT REBELLION!).

I draw a Garfield strip each day, just like his creator Jim Davis. My most recent collection is Garfield Goes Viral. Some of the strips in that collection are about how Garfield handles the coronavirus outbreak. You can see all of the strips at my blog post and at

Here is a list of comics I enjoy:

  • Garfield
  • xkcd
  • Dinosaur comics (qwantz)
  • Calvin and hobbes
  • Peanuts

What I do:

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