Ursula Fenstermucker was Jon Arbuckle's arranged date from the game show, Dream Date.

Physical Appearance

Ursula has long, curly marmalade hair. She facially has dual eyelashes, teal eyeshadow and orange-red lipstick. She wears a long dark red dress, golden bracelets and bright yellow high heels.


As an act for the show, Ursula portrayed herself as sweet. After Garfield reacts to Jon and her date, she becomes fed up with Jon, and angrily exposes Dream Date's true plot.


Dream Date

As Jon Arbuckle attempts to sign up to the show, Dream Date, she first appears silently with the host, Skip Yenta, as the latter decides that he will pair both her and Jon. The ulterior motive Yenta has is to boost the show's ratings by using Ursula to trick Jon into proposing, before dumping him on live television.

After Jon's results are "analyzed", Jon finds that he will be paired with Ursula, much to his joy. The two are then sent on a "dream date"; they are to speak of the experience on the next night's show. They are given two tickets to a fancy restaurant, which they soon drive to. While on their date, she commonly compliments Jon, and soon asks for a kiss. As the two are about to do so, Garfield interrupts them.

Claiming she does not mind Garfield's presence, she offers Jon a plate of escargot, which Garfield promptly smashes. Jon tries to take Garfield away, and after getting away, Garfield steals a dessert tray, which he runs into Ursula. When the show returns the next night, she furiously reveals to both Jon and the audience Skip's plan. Dream Date is then stopped for "technical reasons", facing an uncertain future.


Garfield and Friends

Season 5


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