Urban Arbuckle is the third segment from the forty-eighth episode of Garfield and Friends.


At a rodeo show, Cactus Jake sets Jon up on a date with Cactus Jackie before Arbuckle finds out that her family insist on appearing on her first dates.


Jon Arbuckle and Garfield are attending a rodeo show, held by Cactus Jake. After the duo are almost trampled by a herd of bulls, Cactus Jake and his sons, Cactus Joe, Jimmy and Josh, greet Arbuckle. Jake asks Jon if he is still single, leading Jon to say that he does not date city women, as they do not understand "cowboys". Cactus Jake shows Jon his daughter, Cactus Jackie. Later, she performs a show at the rodeo, as Jon begins to fall for her.

After the show, Jake convinces Jon to ask Jackie on a date, which she accepts. Arbuckle soon finds out that Jackie does not go on her first date without her father and brothers, as they are "particular" about who Jackie dates. While dining out, Jackie reveals that she only dates "real cowboys". Jon boasts about his skill, leading her father and brothers to test his statement. They challenge Jon to ride a mechanical bull, telling him that he can only be a "real cowboy" if he can ride it. Jon flies off the machine twice, while Garfield tests out the restaurant's pasta, which turns out to be sticky. While outside the restaurant, Jon degrades himself, leading Garfield to help Jon.

Garfield leads Jon to Cactus Jackie's horse, before spreading the sticky pasta over the horse's saddle. Jackie admits to her brothers and father that while Jon was a nice guy, he was not much of a cowboy before Garfield switches on the rodeo's lights. Jon believes he is unable to ride the horse, until the horse runs uncontrollably around the rodeo. The pasta helps Jon stay on the saddle, before he flies out of his pants. Jackie is impressed by this, calling Jon the best cowboy she had ever seen. As Garfield questions what he can use the pasta for, Jake realises that Jackie has taken a liking to Arbuckle. Jake then manages to trick Jon into buying food for the family, before revealing many more unseen family members. Watching this, Garfield comments that the dinner Jon will be paying is still the cheapest he has ever paid for.


Main Characters

Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Customer (voiced by Jim Davis)
  • Cactus Jeff (voiced by Thom Huge)
  • Cactus Jeremiah (voiced by Gregg Berger)
  • Cactus Jethro (voiced by Thom Huge)
  • Cactus June (voiced by Louise DuArt)


  • This is the only episode to feature Cactus Jake's children.

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