Not to be confused with Up a Tree from Garfield and Friends.

Up a Tree is the forty-thirdUS/forty-secondEU episode from the first season of The Garfield Show.


Garfield shows his ten favorite things and his most favorite thing is watching Odie being tormented by squirrels.



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  • Up a Tree is an idiom for being in a difficult situation without an easy way to escape.
  • Garfield's 10 favorite things that he likes to do (in no particular order):
 1. Sleeping
 2. Eating
 3. Sleeping and dreaming about eating
 4. Eating while sleeping
 5. Sleeping on his other side
 6. Mailing Nermal to Abu Dhabi
 7. Morning Eating
 8. Morning Eating
 9. Morning Eating
10. Watching Odie being tormented by squirrels.
  • The Black Squirrel yelling "Squirrel Down, Squirrel Down!" alludes to the phrase "Man Down".
  • It may be possible that the squirrels scored 783 points for defeating Odie over the years.


  • Throughout the episode, the squirrels' voices swap around.



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