Not to be confused with Up a Tree from The Garfield Show.

Up a Tree is the third segment from the sixth episode of Garfield and Friends.


When Garfield gets jealous of Nermal visiting, he ends up climbing a tree.


Nermal comes for a visit at the Arbuckle house, once again annoying Garfield. Garfield tries to give away Nermal, only for Jon to intervene. When Nermal shows how cute he can be when trying to catch a fly, Garfield tries to do the same, only to destroy things around the house. As a result, Jon throws him out.

Garfield winds up climbing a tree, despite trying to resist. He tries to get down, only to realize that such action is harder than he thought it would be. Being stuck on one branch (then another after upsetting a mother bird), he wonders how to deal with his predicament, all the way into sunset.

Nermal eventually shows up, and Garfield convinces him to climb the tree as well (claiming that it's another cute thing to do). Garfield figures that having two cats stuck in a tree will get them down sooner. Sure enough, folks take notice, and firemen arrive for a rescue mission, as well as TV crew to film the event. However, they only get Nermal, with everyone leaving before Garfield can get down.

Later, Jon arrives with a ladder and climbs up to Garfield. Garfield is happy to see his owner until he finds out that Jon was watching him all day, and that he was also busy seeing more cute things from Nermal. Having had enough, Garfield climbs down the ladder and takes it away, leaving Jon stranded on the branch.

Heading inside, he convinces Nermal to do another "cute" thing: playing antenna. Nermal ends up in an odd position in order to get good reception on the TV. To drown out Jon's cries for help, Garfield turns to a station with Binky airing for a lengthy marathon. Jon remains stuck on the branch as night falls, still calling in vain for Garfield.


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  • This episode marks the second time Nermal annoys Garfield.

Cultural References

  • At one point, Garfield discovers eggs in a nest, which he initially names "lunch" and "dinner". However, when the mother arrives, he renames them "Beatrice" and "Arthur", likely referencing actress Beatrice Arthur.

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