Unfair Weather Part 1 is the one hundred and thirdUS/EU episode from the second season of The Garfield Show.


During a heat wave, Jon brings Drusilla, Minerva, Garfield and Odie to go camping in the woods. There, they find an unusual rain cloud.


Jon is watching TV, when a weather report tells them about a big heat wave hitting their area. Anthony Allwork comes onto the channel and tells the audiance that he is making loads of money by selling his cooling goods and services to everyone.

Jon turns off the TV and finds out that Garfield and Odie drank all of his lemonade, so he chases them slowly when the doorbell rings and Drusilla and Minerva come in. Garfield and Odie make a frantic attempt to hide. Drusilla tells Jon that he promised that he wouldd go camping on this day, and Jon reluctantly agrees, getting Garfield and Odie, and they go into the woods.

After pitching their tents, Jon went for a swim in the lake but painfully relizes that the scorching heat dried up most of it.


Main Characters

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  • The title card has a black bar to its left side.

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