Underwater World is the twenty-seventhUS/thirty-firstEU episode from the first season of The Garfield Show.


After Garfield and Odie fall overboard into the ocean, they take a tour underwater.


Jon makes doughballs for bait when he is fishing. Garfield tries a doughball and thinks it's disgusting, and Jon explains he's going fishing and took all the food for a picnic lunch. Garfield and Odie join Jon to get the food.

They go fishing in a small boat in a lagoon. Garfield and Jon fall asleep after Jon catches Red. Odie secretly lets Red go, and meanwhile, Junior decides to get a worm for his mother. He mistakes Odie's tongue for a worm and drags Odie underwater. Garfield dives in after Odie.

Red recognizes Odie and has a blowfish named Bernie blow a giant bubble that encases the dog and gives him air to breath. Odie pulls Garfield into the bubble, and Red and Junior decide to give the pets a tour of the lagoon. They discover underwater roads that have "traffic cops" making sure no one "swims the red light", and a fast-food restaurant that only sells worms.

While Garfield and Odie are watching a seahorse race, a large shark named Chomper (who Junior had previously encountered) appears and attacks the fish. Garfield exits the bubble and swims toward Jon's fishing line, baited with a doughball. Chomper bites the line, and Jon's attempts to reel in the shark leads to Chomper swimming all over the bay and causing Jon to crash into a lighthouse. Chomper flees the lagoon, and Garfield returns to the bubble. Bernie blows more air into the bubble, causing it to float to the surface and reunite Garfield and Odie with Jon. Jon states they will have to stay at the lighthouse until someone comes to rescue them, and offers Garfield a doughball. Garfield refuses, and Jon states it's all they have to eat, but is astounded when he sees Garfield and Odie eating the picnic lunch, which had fallen out of the boat when Jon caught Chomper but was returned to Garfield and Odie by Red and Junior.


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  • Mama Clown Fish
  • Baby Clown Fish
  • Bernie
  • Blue Starfish
  • Orange Blowfish
  • Sea Biscuit


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