Uncle Roy to the Rescue is an episode from the sixth season of Garfield and Friends.


Roy's niece Chloe comes to visit. Roy, on the other hand, seems to prefer going out on a date.


Orson comes in with mail for Wade and Roy. Wade gets free soap, which results in his typical cowardly reaction. Roy gets a letter from his niece Chloe, saying she is coming to visit. Roy ends up imitating Wade's reaction, hiding in a trashcan also occupied by Wade. Roy does not want Chloe coming because of his image. The weasel was lying in wait in the same trash can as Roy and Wade as he heads off to steal the chickens once again.

Chloe has arrived on the farm, awaiting Roy. Orson takes her with him as she does not know that he is not coming. The weasel spots Chloe picks her as his target. Meanwhile, Roy is getting ready for his date with a hen named Natalie, while Chloe is sad about Roy's absence.

At the restaurant, Roy is crooning Natalie (with a little cue card assistance from Booker). Meanwhile, the Weasel nabs Chloe. Natalie confesses that she could truly love Roy if he was able to work with children. This inspires him to bring Chloe along. He hears about the weasel from Wade and runs into Orson. The two of them track the weasel to his hiding spot where he has Chloe and Roy tackles him until he leaves. Chloe and Roy finally meet and get to spend some time together.


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