Not to be confused with Roy Rooster, or Uncle Roy to the Rescue, an episode from Garfield and Friends.

Uncle Roy is an unseen character who appears on television in the Garfield comic strips. As the host of a local children's show, Uncle Roy teaches kids important life lessons such as loving themselves just the way they are and to not wear loose clothing around heavy machinery. Uncle Roy frequently finds himself in situations unbecoming of a children's show host, such as when Binky the Clown mugs him and steals his car's hubcaps, apparently during ratings week. Binky ends up in jail as a result.



  • Uncle Roy's show is similar in tone to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.
  • Uncle Roy once begged children to send slips of paper telling them how much they loved his show to prevent his cancellation.
  • When Binky was put in prison, Uncle Roy yelled that that was the way he liked him best.
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