The Turkey is a recurring character in The Garfield Show episodes.

Physical Appearance

Most of the turkey's feathers are light brown, but his tail feathers are green, as well as the tips of his wings. He as well has a snood which hangs from the left of his beak, to the right.


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Turkey Trouble

Jon originally won the turkey in a raffle. After Mr. Gizzard gives the turkey to Jon, the latter discovered it is still alive. Jon request the bird is taken back, which Mr. Gizzard refuses to do, claiming it to be Jon's problem. Jon instead decides to make lasagna, much to Garfield's annoyance prompting Jon to reveal that he doesn't have the heart to kill the turkey. The turkey soon annoys Garfield in different ways, such as sleeping in his bed, and eating his food.

As Jon and Garfield are watching a music show, the turkey appears and begins to sing. Garfield tries to put the bird outside, but is thrown out himself. He gets back inside and chases the turkey around the living area, all while causing a mess. After Jon jumps onto a couch, he causes multiple feathers to appear, before revealing that the turkey is allergic to the feathers. Garfield eventually catches him after dressing as a turkey, and Jon sends the bird back to Mr. Gizzard.

Jon assumes Mr. Gizzard is going to give the turkey a new home, before Gizzard reveals that he's to butcher the turkey, much to the trio's dismay. Garfield decides to retrieve the turkey, and sneaks into the back room. There, Garfield makes the turkey sneeze using feathers, making Mr. Gizzard assume that it's sick with turkeypox. He returns the bird to Arbuckle, who questions what to do. At dinnertime in the Arbuckle residence, they eat lasagna with the turkey, after Liz reveals that the turkey is being taken to a petting zoo.

Filthy Fugitives

After hearing that Jon is offering a cash reward for the bath of Garfield and Odie, the turkey works with Mr. Gizzard to clean them. After chasing the two, they ultimately fail after Aunt Ivy begins to physically attack Mr. Gizzard.


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