Trial and Error is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


Odie is put on trial for stealing Garfield's piece of pie.


Jon is in a rush and gives Garfield a piece of blueberry pie with no ice cream on it, as Garfield desires. As Garfield goes to get the ice cream, two mice take the plate and proceed to eat it. When Garfield finds that his pie is gone, he accuses Pooky of taking it. The mice then trick Odie into getting some blueberry juice onto his tongue, leaving Garfield to accuse Odie of eating it. Odie demands a trial to prove his innocence.

At the trial, Floyd is acting as judge while his fellow mice are the jury. Garfield calls his first witness: Nermal (who the mice cheer for). Garfield asks Nermal numerous questions not related to the trial itself; Nermal eventually breaks down saying he is guilty for whatever he has been accused of and leaves. Nermal goes into the kitchen and overhears the mice who stole Garfield's pie talking about how they pulled it off.

Garfield calls Pooky to the stand and Pooky, being an inanimate object, has nothing to say. Nermal tells Odie who really took the pie, getting the dog riled up to chase the mice. He finds them and chases them throughout the kitchen. Just as it seems his efforts are futile and Garfield is ready to have him sentenced, the two mice that stole Garfield appear. Floyd knows them as Elmo and Ferd and finds their tongues are coated with blueberry juice; this leads Garfield to realize the mistake he made.

Odie is free to go and Elmo and Ferd are sentenced to five days in an empty coffee can. Garfield apologizes to Odie, then plans to take it back after Odie licks him.


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  • This episode marks the final appearance of Pooky in Garfield and Friends.

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