Trial & Error is the first segment from the fifty-ninth episode of Garfield and Friends.


After finding evidence that Odie stole his pie piece, Garfield puts Odie on trial.


Jon Arbuckle is late to pick up Liz Wilson, so he gives Garfield some dessert: a piece of blueberry pie. Garfield finds that Jon didn't put on ice cream and decides to get some for himself. As he leaves, two mice, namely Elmo and Ferd appear and steal the pie. Garfield returns to find his dish missing. He accuses Pooky of theft, but soon goes back on the claim. Elmo and Ferd both finish the pie slice, and as not to be caught by Garfield, the two trick Odie into getting blueberry juice on his tongue.

Garfield, still looking for the thief, checks Odie's tongue, and accuses him. As Odie denies this, the two mice plant the pie dish in Odie's bed, which Garfield finds. As Garfield wants to personally decide the fate of Odie, the latter demands a fair trial to prove his innocence, which Garfield accepts. Floyd agrees to be the residing judge, and has gotten other mice to be his jury. Garfield, acting prosecutor, calls his first witness: Nermal. Garfield pressures Nermal with numerous unrelated questions, leading Nermal to crack. Nermal claims he is guilty and runs off. Garfield discards this, and calls his second witness, Pooky, to the stand.

Nermal goes into the kitchen where he overhears Elmo and Ferd talking about the theft. Meanwhile, Garfield speaks for Pooky, announcing that Odie is indeed the thief. Nermal announces to Odie that Elmo and Ferd are the real thieves. Odie quickly leaves for the kitchen, and after finding the mice, chases them throughout the kitchen cupboards. As Garfield is about to have Odie sentenced for pie theft and attempted escape, Floyd recognizes Elmo and Ferd. He checks and finds that both their tongues are blue, much to Garfield's surprise.

The mouse jury finds Odie innocent, and Elmo and Ferd guilty. Floyd sentences them to five days in an empty coffee can. Garfield apologizes to Odie, but takes it back when licked by Odie, claiming he'll have the dog arrested for "illegal use of a wet tongue".


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  • This episode is the final appearance of Pooky in Garfield and Friends.

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