Time Master is the thirtiethUS/thirty-fourthEU episode from the first season of The Garfield Show.


When Garfield finds an old watch that makes everything else freeze, he uses it to get what he wants.


Jon oversleeps, causing him to rush through the morning routine. Garfield finds this approach disagreeable with his laid back personality, wishing that "time would just stand still". As Jon drives off, the garbage men arrive to pick up the trash, with Percy throwing an old, supposedly useless watch on the front lawn. Odie finds it and presents it to a resting Garfield. Testing out what seems to be a stopwatch, Garfield clicks the device. To his amazement, time stops for everything except Garfield. After figuring out how the watch works by stopping and restarting time, he uses it to his advantage to get Odie suddently into the path of a sprinkler.

The next morning, Garfield freezes time to nap longer. When he's ready for breakfast- namely Sweet Oat Crunchies- he gets more food than Jon is willing to give him by pausing time after each bowl filled. He later uses the stopwatch on Herman Post (who gets attacked by chihuahas) and Nermal (who gets a clownish makeover after Garfield gets hold of a make up kit).

Garfield further enjoys the stopwatch at a crosswalk, using it on and off as he easily walks from one side to another. At one point, it stops working. Garfield looks around the city for someone who can fix the stopwatch, or at least move. Realizing the situation he's in, he blames the stopwatch and throws it on the pavement. This causes time to move backwards, affecting everyone and everything, even Garfield.

Eventually, time returns to the first morning, shortly before 7:00. Once again, Jon panics and Garfield wishes for time to stand still. Garfield then screams, retracting his wish. He considers the experience the "most horrible, awful nightmare ever", save for the part with Nermal.


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Cultural References

  • The episode's plot is similar to The Twilight Zone episode "A Kind of Stopwatch".
  • When Garfield puts Jon's egg timer in the garbage bin, he states "Time for no more timer". This may be an allusion to Time for Timer.

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