• Hmmm, hey. I see that you removed my Nermal trivia. It was revealed in the
    ’Cyber Safety Adventures’
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    • First of all, you should have said so in the first place.  Since the info looked dubious, I undid it.

      Secondly, this is only according to one obscure piece of media, so it should really be attributed as such.

      I see Cooljoe01 wrote it in a better fashion.  That's what I'd recommend doing next time you write such trivia.

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    • Oof.

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    • I was not trying to be harsh- and looking back, I could/should have worded it differently*- but I did find the edit questionable.  I did not know whether that trivia bit was true or not.  I did not think it was universally true- even if there may be nothing to contridict it elsewhere- which it sounded like, at least to me.  I simply ask you to consider how you add information if it's not what many would call easy to verify.

      • In fact, the last paragraph in particular definitely looks that way, with the first sentence suggesting a sneering tone.  I hope you'll forgive me if I write some things rushed (i.e. without giving it sufficient thought) like that, especially when I try not to do so.
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