• Hello again, Low Spark.

    Are you aware of something called "Mephistofield"?

    If you're unaware, it's a parody of Garfield where he's literally the devil. It was featured in a book called "Masterpiece Comics" created by R. Sikoryak.

    Here's an image from the comic:

    This brings me to a interesting question:

    Should "Mephistofield" have a page on this very wiki?

    Thank you for reading this.

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    • Not a page of its own; this wiki is for official works of Garfield.  The only way parodies could work would be if we decide to have a page covering Garfield in pop culture, and even that would be limited by officially published works that don't involve Jim Davis/Paws Inc.

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    • I see.

      I guess this means that the "Gazorpazorpfield" parody from Rick and Morty is also out of the question.

      Other than that, have a nice day!

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