• Hey Low Spark, you got a second?

    I was thinking if this would be a good idea for the wiki: Each version of each character gets their own page on the wiki. Here's some page title examples:

    Garfield (Character) (Comic Strip)

    Garfield (Garfield and Friends)

    Garfield (Live-Action)

    Garfield (CGI Films)

    Garfield (The Garfield Show)

    See what I mean? Sorry if I'm bugging you, but I think this might be a good suggestion for the wiki. Thank you.

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    • Interesting question, though the other administrators should weigh in on this as well.

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    • Sure thing.

      Thanks for the response.

      I figured that since other wikis like TMNT and Sonic have seperate pages on each different versions of their respective characters, so should Garfield and its "multiverse" of characters.

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    • Admin here, it's an interesting idea for sure, though if we are to do it, I would not like them as seperate pages, but rather sub-pages of the main Garfield article. Though we'd also have to do the same for other major characters like Jon, Odie, Liz, etc.

      I'm not against the idea, though if implemented, things need to be done in a specific way.

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    • Another admin here: Agreed with Cooljoe01 - while the idea is indeed interesting, the sub-pages will be a much better option.

      Garfield in the comic strips indeed differs in attitude from the Garfield from Garfield and Friends, Garfield from The Garfield Show and from the films, though he is supposed to be one character.

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    • I'd say both of them seem to be on the right track.

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    • You guys do what you got to do.

      Sub-pages does sound like a good idea.

      It's better than nothing as at least it would be some way to tell the diffrences between the character's counterparts from the comic strip and the cartoon shows among other things.

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    • A FANDOM user
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