• In your latest edit to The Discount of Monte Cristo, the source you provided not only lacked any mention of the episode in question, it also shows your claim- that it "was created in response to CBS trying to cut the show's budget"- is mistaken.

    From the article:

    "After we finished Show #121, CBS said they wanted to order another season but they wanted to renegotiate the deal."

    So the budget cut was proposed after what turned out to be the last episode of the show, and thus after Show #112, which includes TDoMC. Therefore, TDoMC couldn't have been made in response to the budget cut, as it was not yet proposed.

    I therefore ask you to stop including that statement there, unless you can come up with hard evidence for it.

    On a side note, when adding references to articles, be sure to put in a References section at or near the bottom, as I did on TDoMC before removing the source.

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