This is the Night is the opening song from Garfield's Halloween Adventure. Music and lyrics were provided by Desiree Goyette and Ed Bogas.

The song was sung by Lou Rawls.


  • This is the night,
  • I was created for,
  • I'm gonna put on my best disguise,
  • And go knockin' on everybody's door.
  • This is the night,
  • I'm gonna hit the street,
  • 'Cause this the night,
  • Folks are givin' away,
  • So many good things to eat.
  • Oh, oh, you know life could be so sweet,
  • If every night, was a night to go trick or treat.
  • Wouldn't it be sweet,
  • Just trick or treat,
  • Wouldn't it be sweet,
  • Just trick or treat.
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