The Write Stuff is the twenty eighthUS/fortiethEU episode from the third season of The Garfield Show, and the 132ndUS/144thEU overall.


Garfield tries to give a new writer a sense of humor.


Garfield interrupts the shooting of a scene of the Garfield Show due to its rather depressing content and what he sees as unfitting dialogue. When asked who wrote this episode, a newcomer named Samuel W. Underburger turns out to be the writer, which leads Garfield to look for him. At his office, Underburger tells Garfield that writing comedy would be "a waste of time", and except of once in his childhood, he would not laugh.

Outside the studio, Garfield tells Underburger to write "funny stuff" for him and Odie, only to be shocked when finding out that Odie had been written out by Underburger.

Garfield then tries to make Underburger laugh and runs into instructions from Dr. Whipple in his TV show (laughter as medicine and surprises). First he performs a role play with Squeak and Earth, followed by several physical pranks with help of Eddie Gourmand and the mole and Herman Post in a chicken costume.

Very angry about those actions and planning on writing all mentioned characters out of the show, Underburger steps on a banana peel thrown by the mole. His own fall makes Underburger laugh, and all the more committed to write funny dialogues. Garfield helps him, and even convinces him to write Odie back into the show.

Back in the studio, the scene still starts depressing, but changes its tone when Liz throws Jon a pie into his face. After filming the scene, Underburger plays a prank on Garfield in which a mobile phone dummy splashes him wet.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • In contrast to the actual series' title cards, the title card shown on the small screen shows a writer's signature instead of a name.

Foreign titles

Language Title Translation
French Essaie encore, Garfield Try again, Garfield
German Der neue Autor The new writer



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